5 Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Simple and Economic: 5 Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Creativity is priceless and you don’t have to be an interior designer to get your kitchen to reflect harmony and style. Although the size of the space is important, it does not have a decisive character when choosing what to do or not. You can decorate the kitchen through simple and economical ideas, making it a cozy and pleasant place. You just dare and try it yourself!

5 Ideas on how to Decorate the Kitchen


The perfect option. You can recycle some bottles or glass jars and sow aromatic herbs such as: thyme, mint, good herb, rosemary, basil among others. Until forming an orchard that in addition to looking beautiful will be useful.

Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Small containers

If sometimes you have received a basket of flowers or wooden boxes, this is the opportunity to do something with it. Use them as containers for your fruits and give a rustic touch to your kitchen.


Another ingenious idea is to use the citrus peels that you consume in your home. Instead of throwing them away, use them as a natural air freshener by placing them on a plate that does not contain their smell.

Postersl:  Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen


You don’t have to be an artist to create small posters. These can be positive messages for your family.


Renew the walls, covering them with vinyl, now there is a large variety of self-adhesive vinyl with which you can give texture to your kitchen.

Vinyl:  Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen
Vinyl: Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Keep in mind that a kitchen is a functional place with a clear task at home, so you should not fill it with objects that, although they can be decorative, may burst into space, saturating it. So remember that the ideas for decorating the kitchen should be simple, and take care that the place remains always clean and ventilated.Ideas

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