8 Ways to Decor with Barrels

Decor with Barrels

Wine barrels give many options when decorating. They are very versatile and can be reused as supports, furniture or decorative accessories. Many companies sell household items made with barrels, although some of the ideas in this post can be done by yourself.

The barrels as an Ice Bucket

Once they have fulfilled their original function, these barrels can be opened in half and filled with ice to create a container to cool drinks. It is sectioned in half and we have two containers ready for meeting drinks

Decor with Barrels

Rustic Home Decor Personalized Whiskey Barrel Head 

There are companies that recycle the heads of the barrels for decoration. Each barrel head is an original design. The whiskey barrel bar signs are made with authentic wooden barrel caps recovered from their favorite Bourbon whiskey makers. Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and others.

The whiskey barrel caps are approximately 22 inches in size and come from original aged barrels. For more information about the process, the design click here or on the image. Product available on Amazon.com

Decorate with Head Barrels
Decorate with Head Barrels

Barrel as a Table

It is the easiest way to give more uses to wine barrels. In this case we must split in half to the barrel and as it has a round shape, it already serves as an auxiliary table whether we fix it a bit or leave it natural. It looks great in the country-style lounge.

Table -Decor with Barrels
Table -Decor with Barrels

Transform a Barrel into a Mirror

Beautiful mirrors made to measure. Mirrors can also be used as tables although the weight must be taken into account. Tempered and treated glass must be used. Without words, only what is shown below

Mirror-Decor with Barrels
Mirror-Decorate with Barrels

As Support for Many Uses

No major reforms or arrangements are necessary. The same barrel, for its height, weight and width, serves to support a table or plank that is placed above. Also as a tray to serve food or drink of an event, and for everything that comes to mind

Barrels as Shelves

Once you have split the bottom of the barrels can be hooked or hung on the wall. Original round shelves. Can be combined with vintage poster decoration

The Barrel as a Chest or Trunk

Once restored, the wine barrel can be used as a trunk to store what is needed. Decorate rooms and lounges, thanks to the beauty of natural wood.

Trunk-Decor with Barrels
Trunk-Decor with Barrels

Decor with Barrels: Lamp Too

Simply drill holes in the barrel and insert a bulb inside. The result is a beautiful garden lamp that illuminates and is perfect outdoors.

Decor with Barrels
Decor with Barrels

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