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Fall Decor Ideas for the Home

Fall Decor Ideas for the Home We are going to share this year’s fall decorations and share some of last year’s fall decorations. I hope you find inspiration in some of these photos and it will be a fun start to fall in your home. I am very grateful that you take inspiration from this blog and look for ideas on how to decorate a house or a farm in the fall. From already thank you very much. Let’s share many places to put pumpkins.   Fall Decor Ideas for the Home     Houzz Houzz   Related Post Coverlet. & Bedspreads Vintage Posters\ Bathroom decor FarmHouse decor History of bathroom      

Wood Treatment and Protection 2022

Wood Treatment and Protection – Decor Poducts Barnish & Paint   Brushstroke For the treatment and protection of wood, different products are used in different sequential steps. First we must take into account if the wood is going to be exposed to the interior or exterior and if the environment also contains some elements considered aggressive.Wood protectors are divided into two types   Floor and decoration Decorative products for surface protection: they protect the wood against atmospheric agents such as sun, rain, snow, UV rays and humidity changes. Technical wood protectors: These elements are composed of chemical elements that protect the wood from bio-agents such as fungi, bacteria, and even termites or other insects. What are the Decorative products for wood …

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The History of Bathroom

The History of Bathroom & Toilet There was a time when the bathroom was a luxury. Also for many years these places were located in cold and unattractive areas, where one did not spend much time. Our relationship with the bathroom definitely changed, thanks in part to proper detritus drainage and heating. It is no longer just a place for hygiene, but a space for recuperation and rest, a symbol of private luxury. This is the story of the bathroom It is not just the availability of heating and hot water that has changed our relationship with the bathroom. Changes in the lifestyle of the population have also influenced. Especially in cities, the routine has accelerated, and the consumption of …

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Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors

Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors: Ideas 2020   To the decoration of the bathrooms they usually pay little attention. Perhaps because it is not very busy for visits or better spend the money in another environment of the house. Or in the bedroom. Or wherever. But it can be decorated, enhanced and even changed completely with relatively little money. We are talking about Mirrors. Here are some Ideas to Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors Why Big Mirrors in the Bathroom? Of course, every bathroom worth its salt has a mirror. but most are only functional and not decorative. And if apart from decorative it is also functional? . We present some ideas of relatively large mirrors for a bathroom: Measures from one …

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Who Invented The Bidet? : History of The Bidet

Who Invented The Bidet? – History of the Bidet: Birth The birth of the bidet has two versions, both credible. The first says that it was created in the late seventeenth century by French furniture manufacturers, as a receptacle for water for riders to soothe their behind after a painful day on horseback. The word bidet in French means pony, in reference to the posture adopted when sitting on the artifact (in old French, bider meant to trot).   Who Invented The Bidet? The second version states that it was designed as an intimate hygiene utensil for pre and postcoital relationships, and also as a contraceptive method. There are several theories about the inventor of the bidet. Sometimes the names …

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Louis Vuitton Poster Prints Home Decor

Louis Vuitton Posters Home Decor Not only are Bags, Trunks and Purses. There are also items to decorate the house. Some are classic perp and there are also very original. Let’s see: PATENT ART – DICTIONARY STYLE ART – BATHROOM ART –  BEACH, LAKE, TROPICAL AND NAUTICAL ART –  SPORTS & HOBBY ART –  MUSICIANS & ARTISTS ART Louis Vuitton Fashion Poster Prints Set of 4 (8 inches x 10 inches) Fashion Poster Prints Louis Vuitton Posters an Vintage home decor that wont break the bank. Great gift idea for the Louis Vuitton fashionista in your life. Set of four photo prints, 8×10 (8 inches by 10 inches), Prints do not come framed Printed on premium grade photo paper. Customer Satisfaction …

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Hotel de Talleyrand, Decoration and Restoration

Hotel de Talleyrand, Decoration and Restoration Hotel Talleyrand overlooks the Place de la Concorde (2 rue Saint Florentin 75001 Paris – France) and was built in 1767 according to a design by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, architect of Louis XV. The interiors were designed by Jean-Francois Chalgrin. The building was used as a World War I hospital, as a German naval office during World War II, and as the headquarters of the United States Marshall Plan in the 1950s. Located in the center of Paris, the Hôtel de Talleyrand is a historic place of the highest diplomacy and a spectacular example of a late 18th century Parisian house, or hôtel particulier. The building and interiors, both superior examples of French Enlightenment architecture, …

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Picasso Nude Artworks Poster & Paints

Picasso Nude Artworks Poster Decor Picasso Nude Artworks:The artistic nudes, both paintings and drawings, give a powerful decoration with a lot of personality. Of course, to give that special touch to a defined space, you can use a poster of reproductions. Or also use a high definition monitor to change paint or style. The artistic nude is nowadays a very recurring theme for the decoration of different home environments. It is a somewhat complex expression that tries to show all the beauty that the human body has. This purpose is something that has been taking place since ancient times. Not only in pintira but it is sculpture and other artistic manifestations. Already in the time of the Egyptians you can …

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