Louis Vuitton Posters Home Decor

Louis Vuitton Photos Set of 4 (8 inches x 10 inches) Fashion Poster Prints   Vintage home decor that wont break the bank. Great gift idea for the Louis Vuitton fashionista in your life. Set of four photo prints, 8×10 (8 inches by 10 inches), Prints do not come framed Printed on premium grade photo paper. Customer Satisfaction or your money back guaranteed. Louis Vuitton Patent Wall Art Prints  Set of Four – Makes a Great Gift for Fashion Lovers – Retro Chic Home Decor – Ready to Frame (8×10) Vintage Photos.PLEASE NOTE – Your print will arrive UNFRAMED. You can purchase the best frame to suit your decor right here on Amazon. Our prints fit standard frame sizes. See …

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Picasso Nude Artworks Poster

Picasso Nude Artworks Poster Decor Picasso Nude Artworks:The artistic nudes, both paintings and drawings, give a powerful decoration with a lot of personality. Of course, to give that special touch to a defined space, you can use a poster of reproductions. Or also use a high definition monitor to change paint or style. The artistic nude is nowadays a very recurring theme for the decoration of different home environments. It is a somewhat complex expression that tries to show all the beauty that the human body has. This purpose is something that has been taking place since ancient times. Not only in pintira but it is sculpture and other artistic manifestations. Already in the time of the Egyptians you can …

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Vintage Edison Lamps & Retro Ligth Bulbs Decor

Decor with Retro Ligth Bulbs:

How to style your home

Retro Ligth Bulbs: Our spaces talk about us, so it is important to stop and pay attention to decoration with vintage lamps & retro Ligth Bulbs

In addition to fulfilling its function of lighting, vintage lamps and retro lights contribute to living spaces, they can break into their colors and shapes. The concept that develops and proposes to use recyclable materials is interesting. Becoming for many people their favorite option.

Vintage Edison Lamps & Bulbs decor
Vintage Edison Lamps & Ligth Bulbs decor 2020

And if we recycle the lamps?

You might not even have to buy them, you can renew the ones you have and give them a touch through the aged, playing with brown tones and even pastel tones. The decoration with the retro ligth bulbs & vintage lamps, shows us that the old always returns and perhaps with more force than before. There are different models and shapes of vintage lamps, perfect for any space no matter how small or large it is. Keep in mind that creating an environment is vital for harmony in the home, so the task of styling through artifacts is transcendental.

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French decoration Louis XIV Style

French Decoration Louis XIV Style  One of the most refined and elegant styles that exist when it comes to furnishing and decorating a home is The Louis XIV style. This style of French decoration is an unmistakable style admired on more than one occasion. It is a style of French decoration deeply rooted in another era not very distant in several European countries and that belonged to the bourgeoisie and the high social classes. This Louis XIV style represented the glamor of the time, ostentation, luxury, excess and pomposity. Its decoration is based on three fundamental pillars that mix, and without which, this decorative trend would not be understood: Light, color, and materials. LIGHT When this style is born, within …

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Bienvenidos a Palacio 2020 – Decoración en Palacios

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2020 – Decoracion y Diseño

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2020 no esta todavia disponible, sino hasta el mes de Marzo 2020. Si estan por España y desean conocer la decoracion fastuosa y de buen gusto de Palacios de Madrid, pues esta es la oportunidad. 

Son visitas a  palacios que NO están abiertos al público habitualmente por diferentes razones. Las inscripciones para las visitas guiadas gratuitas a Palacios de Madrid serán por vía web y en las ediciones anteriores se han agotado en solo horas.

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2020
Bienvenidos a Palacio 2020

Es la septima edición  que tiene vigencia entre abril de 2020 a enero de 2021 y  la organización corresponde a la Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural.

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Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors

Contents1 Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors: Ideas 20202 Why Big Mirrors in the Bathroom?3 Decorate Bathrooms with Illuminated Mirrors4 Backlit Mirrors in Bathrooms5 Bathrooms: Decor with Modular Mirrors6 Mirrors With and Without Frames – Smart Mirrors7 Smart Mirrors – Different Lighting Modes8 TV con espejo redondo y retroiluminado Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors: Ideas 2020 To the decoration of the bathrooms they usually pay little attention. Perhaps because it is not very busy for visits or better spend the money in another environment of the house. Or in the bedroom. Or wherever. But it can be decorated, enhanced and even changed completely with relatively little money. We are talking about Mirrors. Here are some Ideas to Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors Why Big …

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Victrola & Phonograph Decor

Contents1 Victrola & Phonograph Decor History2 Gramophone or Victrola3 Victor Talking Machine Company4 Victrola & Phonograph Decor Vintage Victrola & Phonograph Decor History The first instrument in recording and reproducing the human voice was Edison’s cylinder phonograph. Invented (1) in 1877 by  Alva Edison. It was called a phonograph and used wax cylinders to support sound recording. Edison invented this dictation machine, for office and commercial use. But starting in 1890, phonographs operated with coins began to be installed in music halls and exhibition parks. Gramophone or Victrola For a few cents, you could hear a drum recording with a fashion piece of music. During the 1890s, phonographs began to be sold for domestic use, as a musical instrument. The …

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8 Ways to Decor with Barrels

Contents1 Decor with Barrels2 The barrels as an Ice Bucket3 Rustic Home Decor Personalized Whiskey Barrel Head 4 Barrel as a Table5 Transform a Barrel into a Mirror6 As Support for Many Uses7 Barrels as Shelves8 The Barrel as a Chest or Trunk 9 Decor with Barrels: Lamp Too Decor with Barrels Wine barrels give many options when decorating. They are very versatile and can be reused as supports, furniture or decorative accessories. Many companies sell household items made with barrels, although some of the ideas in this post can be done by yourself. The barrels as an Ice Bucket Once they have fulfilled their original function, these barrels can be opened in half and filled with ice to create a …

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5 Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Simple and Economic: 5 Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Creativity is priceless and you don’t have to be an interior designer to get your kitchen to reflect harmony and style. Although the size of the space is important, it does not have a decisive character when choosing what to do or not. You can decorate the kitchen through simple and economical ideas, making it a cozy and pleasant place. You just dare and try it yourself!

5 Ideas on how to Decorate the Kitchen


The perfect option. You can recycle some bottles or glass jars and sow aromatic herbs such as: thyme, mint, good herb, rosemary, basil among others. Until forming an orchard that in addition to looking beautiful will be useful.

Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen

Small containers

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How to Organize a Dresser

Contents1 How to Organize a Dresser and not to Die in the Attempt2 The Cave of Success to Organize a Dressing Room3 Never mix dirty…3.1 Related Post How to Organize a Dresser and not to Die in the Attempt How many times has happened to you that you are looking for a blouse or pants in your closet but it seems that you are facing a black hole, which makes it impossible to find what you want; finishing all your stuff in a big mess.Not having a method of how to organize a dressing room takes time, energy and does not help us optimize space. But don’t worry, it has all happened to us. Therefore, I will teach you a …

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