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Wood Treatment and Protection – Decor Poducts

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For the treatment and protection of wood, different products are used in different sequential steps. First we must take into account if the wood is going to be exposed to the interior or exterior and if the environment also contains some elements considered aggressive.
Wood protectors are divided into two types


Floor and decoration

  • Decorative products for surface protection: they protect the wood against atmospheric agents such as sun, rain, snow, UV rays and humidity changes.
  • Technical wood protectors: These elements are composed of chemical elements that protect the wood from bio-agents such as fungi, bacteria, and even termites or other insects.

Floor and decoration
Floor and decoration

What are the Decorative products for wood surface protection?

How is the protection of wood by varnishing?

Coating material that, when applied to a material, ends up forming a transparent solid film (totally or partially) with insulating, protective and decorative properties. It is used both indoors and outdoors. It can be applied by brush, synthetic roller or spray machine


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How is the protection of wood by painting?

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