How to Organize a Dresser

How to Organize a Dresser and not to Die in the Attempt

How many times has happened to you that you are looking for a blouse or pants in your closet but it seems that you are facing a black hole, which makes it impossible to find what you want; finishing all your stuff in a big mess.
Not having a method of how to organize a dressing room takes time, energy and does not help us optimize space. But don’t worry, it has all happened to us. Therefore, I will teach you a super easy and practical technique to learn how to organize a dressing room and not die trying.

How to Organize a Dresser

The Cave of Success to Organize a Dressing Room

  • Discard what you do not use. It is good to renew, and throw away what you no longer use besides being an excellent possibility to help someone. Remember, your trash can be someone else’s treasure.
  • You must establish criteria about your clothes and objects. For example, organize your shirts by color, your dresses according to their frequency of use, your pants according to the textures, your accessories by size. Anyway, there are hundreds of criteria and you decide them. Choose the one that makes sense to you and that is easy to remember.
  • Define a place for everything. For this, you can rely on dividers and containers inside the closet, labels are a good option to complement the task.
  • You can also organize the station clothes by placing it in luggage until the station of the following year
Luggage Samsonite

Never mix dirty…

  • clothes with clean clothes. Organizing a dressing room is order and cleanliness at the same time.
    Try to have good lighting so you will avoid disasters looking for a garment.
  • Throw away the packaging, boxes and wrapping of clothes, shoes and accessories. In this way, you will save space and stop having them forgotten.
    How to organize a dressing room requires time and patience but it can be a fun task, applying this technique will make your life easier

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Ideas and Decoration with Pallets

Decoration with Pallets

Good ideas for decorating with pallets: Recycling and reusing pallets is no longer just a way of preserving the environment. It is also a way to decorate or transform environments of a house or an office. It is both a cheap, simple and fast method to redesign environments.

Livings – Living Rooms

Pallets in Gross to the natural Varnished. Polished and varnished finished backing

The pallets can be painted, lacquered, varnished or also impregnated. Later we will tell you how to do it. The best way to have Original Ideas of Decoration with Pallets is to see images of environments already decorated and finished. Here we have some ideas and also images Bedrooms

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Four simple steps of how to make candles at home

How to make candles at home  

History of candles

Candles were invented in ancient Egypt. That is roughly between the 13th and 14th centuries BC. The composition of the materials were very different from the current ones. They were branches wrapped in animal fat. Goats, oxen or lambs. This type of candle is consumed with an emission of smoke abundant in the environment. It also has a bad smell.

How to make candles at home
How to make candles at home

Candles in the Middle Ages

The ancient Egyptians used oil lamps for interior lighting. These lamps were used until the middle agesCandles with the shape that we know today developed in the middle ages. The composition materials were usually sebum with a beeswax mixture. The advantage of this composition was a longer duration and less smoke when burned, therefore also the smell was softer.

Whales and Non-Aromatic Candles

The eighteenth century began to use the spermaceti. This product illuminates better and does not produce unpleasant odor. Spermaceti is a wax or white oil, found in the skull of whales. But in the mid-nineteenth century petroleum appeared. The Paraffin.

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25 Decoration Options With Candles In Cups

Decoration Options With Candles In Cups

Here we will show you designs and modes of decoration with candles in glasses, floating or fixed. Basically it’s about using those cups or containers that you might not use for an original presentation.

13 Decoration Options With Candles In Cups inverted

Floating candles in common glasses with glass beads. Copper candle with multicolored glass beads

12 Decoration Options With Candles In Cups inverted

Floating candles in common glasses with glass beads. Copon candle with multicolored glass beads

Various floral arrangements with floating candles. Container with pearl-like beads

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History of the Architects of the Castle of Chenonceau

Decoration and Architects of Chenonceau Castle

You can know the history of a building through the works of its builders. This is the History of the architects of the Castle of Chenonceau.The castle we know today was built on the demolition of an old fortress and a fortified mill owned by the Marques family.

From that time only the tribute tower that was modified in the style of the time and its new owners survives. Built by Thomas Bohier, Intendant General of Finance of King Francisco I of France between 1513 and 1521.

The main part is rectangular (50 x 55 meters) where the hallways and rooms are. In charge of overseeing the construction was his wife Katherine Briçonnet, since her husband was busy with the matter in court.

Architects of the Castle of Chenonceau
Panoramic View -Architects of the Castle of Chenonceau

Gardens and architects of the castle of chenonceau

At the death of Mr. Thomas Bohier the crown ordered an audit of the kingdom’s finances. The results were charges against Thomas Bohier for misappropriating funds against the crown, for which his assets were expropriated.

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