Picasso Nude Artworks Poster & Paints

Picasso Nude Artworks Poster Decor Picasso Nude Artworks:The artistic nudes, both paintings and drawings, give a powerful decoration with a lot of personality. Of course, to give that special touch to a defined space, you can use a poster of reproductions. Or also use a high definition monitor to change paint or style. The artistic nude is nowadays a very recurring theme for the decoration of different home environments. It is a somewhat complex expression that tries to show all the beauty that the human body has. This purpose is something that has been taking place since ancient times. Not only in pintira but it is sculpture and other artistic manifestations. Already in the time of the Egyptians you can …

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Louis XIII Style – Architecture & Painting

Louis XIII Style The Louis XIII style or was a fashion in French art and architecture, especially affecting the visual and decorative arts. The distinction of him as a period in the history of French art has much to do with the regency under which Louis XIII began his reign (1610-1643). His mother and his regent, Maria de Medici, imported Mannerism from Italy, where she was born. The influence of Italian art was strongly felt for several decades.   Louis XIII style painting was influenced from the north, through Flemish and Dutch Baroque, and from the south, through Italian Mannerism and early Baroque. Schools developed around Caravaggio and Peter Paul Rubens. Among the French painters who mixed Italian Mannerism with …

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Who Invented The Bidet? : History of The Bidet

Who Invented The Bidet? – History of the Bidet: Birth The birth of the bidet has two versions, both credible. The first says that it was created in the late seventeenth century by French furniture manufacturers, as a receptacle for water for riders to soothe their behind after a painful day on horseback. The word bidet in French means pony, in reference to the posture adopted when sitting on the artifact (in old French, bider meant to trot). Who Invented The Bidet? The second version states that it was designed as an intimate hygiene utensil for pre and postcoital relationships, and also as a contraceptive method. There are several theories about the inventor of the bidet. Sometimes the names of …

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Hotel de Talleyrand, Decoration and Restoration

Hotel de Talleyrand, Decoration and Restoration Hotel Talleyrand overlooks the Place de la Concorde (2 rue Saint Florentin 75001 Paris – France) and was built in 1767 according to a design by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, architect of Louis XV. The interiors were designed by Jean-Francois Chalgrin. The building was used as a World War I hospital, as a German naval office during World War II, and as the headquarters of the United States Marshall Plan in the 1950s. Located in the center of Paris, the Hôtel de Talleyrand is a historic place of the highest diplomacy and a spectacular example of a late 18th century Parisian house, or hôtel particulier. The building and interiors, both superior examples of French Enlightenment architecture, …

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What is an Air Fryer?

What is an Air Fryer? Is an Air Fryer Healthy? – How does an Air Fryer Work? –  Does an air fryer save oil?  – What are the Benefits of an Air Fryer?   Air fryers are small ovens with a concentrated heat source and a fan that circulates hot air to make food. Wings, French fries, vegetables and whatever you want with a lot of oil. How does an Air Fryer Work? The result is a frying finish. The big advantage is that This deep fryer requires only a small amount of oil to make food crisp. As if that were not enough, the calories in this type of cooking are very, very low, compared to common fryers. Is …

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Louis XV’s Corner Cabinet Restoration

Palace of Versailles: Louis XV’s Corner Cabinet Restoration At the Palace of Versailles, the corner cabinet of Louis XV regains its splendor after 18 months of restoration The corner cabinet of the Palace of Versailles has benefited from an exceptional restoration thanks to the sponsorship of Rolex © After 18 months of work, the restoration of the corner cabinet of the Palace of Versailles, where Louis XV worked, was completed. The restorers have restored the luster to the room and its furniture, restoring the gilding, paintings and marquetry, marked by the passage of time. The restoration of the corner cabinet at the Palace of Versailles, sponsored by Rolex, was completed around March 20. After 18 months of work on the …

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Gardens of the Castle of Villandry

The Gardens of the Chateau of Villandry. Gardens of the Castle of Villandry  is Italian Renaissance style. and it was imposed in France, as in the other European countries in the 16th century, contributing to this the admiration that the French monarchs felt for Italian art. Those hired to hire Italian artists and they acquired works to decorate their palaces and gardens. This admiration began already in the 15th century with the kings Carlos VIII and Luis XII (1498-1515), continuing with Francisco I (1515-1547), who knew Italy directly, Francisco I after the defeat of the troops of Carlos V formed in Paris and in Fontainebleau an artistic center run by Italian artists. Luefo continues with Henry IV (1589-1610), married to …

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History of Modern Toilet

History of the Modern Toilet The Romans came very close to the current idea of ​​the toilet with their system of public latrines with running water, which immediately flushed waste into a series of underground sewers. In this way, unpleasant odors were kept to a tolerable minimum. The collapse of the Roman Empire put this system into oblivion and for centuries the urinals were emptied out the windows shouting “Water goes!” This practice helped spread typhus and all kinds of infectious diseases. Her Majesty’s Toilet In 1596, Sir John Harrington, godson of Queen Elizabeth I, conceived a toilet connected to a water tank that carried waste when flushed. Alexander Cummings adopted a siphon, that is, an S-shaped tube, and it …

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Ideas and Decoration with Pallets

Decoration with Pallets

Good ideas for decorating with pallets: Recycling and reusing pallets is no longer just a way of preserving the environment. It is also a way to decorate or transform environments of a house or an office. It is both a cheap, simple and fast method to redesign environments.

Living Rooms

Pallets in Gross to the natural Varnished. Polished and varnished finished backing

The pallets can be painted, lacquered, varnished or also impregnated. Later we will tell you how to do it. The best way to have Original Ideas of Decoration with Pallets is to see images of environments already decorated and finished. Here we have some ideas and also images Bedrooms

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