Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors

Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors: Ideas 2020

To the decoration of the bathrooms they usually pay little attention. Perhaps because it is not very busy for visits or better spend the money in another environment of the house. Or in the bedroom. Or wherever. But it can be decorated, enhanced and even changed completely with relatively little money. We are talking about Mirrors. Here are some Ideas to Decorate Bathrooms with Mirrors

Decora baños con espejos iluminados con estilo
Mirrors illuminated with Retro Style

Why Big Mirrors in the Bathroom?

Of course, every bathroom worth its salt has a mirror. but most are only functional and not decorative. And if apart from decorative it is also functional? . We present some ideas of relatively large mirrors for a bathroom: Measures from one meter x one meter up to 200 cm (two meters) wide by one meter high. We also present other options with modular mirrors.

Decorate Bathrooms with Illuminated Mirrors

Espejos de lujo
Luxury Mirrors

Backlit Mirrors in Bathrooms

Decora baños con espejos retro iluminados
Bathrooms with Illuminated Mirrors & Retro  Style


Bathrooms: Decor with Modular Mirrors

Here we have modular mirrors. You can add as many as you need to have a good vision or to decorate with shapes. There are self-adhesive (we do not recommend them for bathing because of the steamy environment) and the common ones. The latter are the most appropriate and should not be placed with adhesives.


Decora baños con espejos iluminados de pared a pared
Decorate Bathrooms with Illuminated Mirrors wall to wall

Mirrors With and Without Frames – Smart Mirrors

From mirrors that inform time and temperature to those that incorporate a TV. These mirrors already have IP68 technology (water proof) and can be used perfectly in humid environments with the presence of water vapor

 Espejos retro iluminados
Illuminated Retro Mirrors

Smart Mirrors – Different Lighting Modes

Decora baños con espejos inteligentes digitales
Decora baños con espejos inteligentes digitales

TV con espejo redondo y retroiluminado

Espejos cuadrados para baños
Espejos cuadrados para baños


Other ideas

In addition to decorating with mirrors, images can also be used. Here we suggest a selection of retro and vintage images.

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