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Retro Toaster Appliances 50s & 60s

These are some vintage & retro toasters for a decoration or design of a kitchen or some special environment. All follow the original designs of the 50s and 60s. Including those beautiful and exclusive pastel colors characteristic of those times.

One of the differences between the vintage and retro style is that the vintage style is composed of original artifacts of the time and the retro style is achieved with furniture designed today but in the style of the aesthetics of times gone by..

In recent years, both styles of decoration have gained in popularity. Moreover, both vintage and retro words end up being used interchangeably, although it is not correct

Retro Appliances

Toaster Vintage

Decor Kitchen Vintage - Toaster Retro Appliances
Toaster Vintage Appliances

Russell Hobbs - Toaster Retro

Russell Hobbs - Toaster Vintage Appliances
Russell Hobbs - Toaster Vintage Appliances

What is the difference Between Retro and Vintage?

The word "Retro" derives from the Latin retro prefix, which means, backwards or in times past. We can find this prefix in many common words in our language; retrograde, retrospective.

In France, retro is as an abbreviation for Retrospectif, a word widely used after World War II due to the constant reassessments of the Charles de Gaulle government and the role of France in the war. Later, in 1970, La Mode Rétro enhanced the behavior of French civilians during the Nazi occupation in cinema and literature. Soon, the term was applied to refer nostalgic to fashions of the same era. From there it was exported to English by the cultural press and fashion magazines. 

It can also be said that a new artifact is vintage style because it follows the original design of that era, the retro grill can be of a similar design but not as the original design

Toaster Retro

SMEG Toaster 50s

Smeg Toaster Retro Appliances
Smeg Toaster 50s

Nostalgia Toaster Retro

Nostalgia Toaster Retro Appliances 2020
Nostalgia Toaster  Appliances 2020