Ideas and Decoration with Pallets

Decoration with Pallets

Good ideas for decorating with pallets: Recycling and reusing pallets is no longer just a way of preserving the environment. It is also a way to decorate or transform environments of a house or an office. It is both a cheap, simple and fast method to redesign environments.

Living Rooms

Pallets in Gross to the natural Varnished. Polished and varnished finished backing

The pallets can be painted, lacquered, varnished or also impregnated. Later we will tell you how to do it. The best way to have Original Ideas of Decoration with Pallets is to see images of environments already decorated and finished. Here we have some ideas and also images Bedrooms

Decoration with Pallets

Different types of pallets

There are two types of pallets that get the market
Pallets for commercial use of decoration, which are new.
Those for industrial use are mostly used.

hose for commercial use are those that are sold new and are already special for decoration. There are different measures. These are suitable for indoor use. While they are pallets, as they are commercial, they would not resist industrial use. They can be painted, varnished or lacquered easily.

Industrial Use Pallets

They are mostly used (new ones can be obtained). They are made of harder and more rustic woods. They usually have the wood treated to be outdoors and not deteriorate. That is why they are the most suitable for outdoor use in furniture decks.
It can also be treated against the spillage of specific substances such as acids, solvents, etc. This type of pallet requires more work because it should be brushed or sanded to remove burrs or chips. It must also be cleaned to remove possible industrial waste with which it may have been impregnated. It is advisable to paint or impregnate it before use as we will describe later.

Decoration with Pallets


Used industrial pallets that contain red or orange markings have been used to transport hazardous substances. definitely those should not be used.
Idea: The pallets are rustic and combine very well with Vintage Lamps and Bulbs. Read more here

Pallet armchairs

They can be used both outdoors and indoors, depending on the type of protection used in the treatment of wood. the imagination to design an armchair has no limits, here some ideas

Decoration with Pallets

Pallet Treatment

Pallets purchased must follow this sequence after purchase

New Pallet

  • If you want a polished finish, you should do a brushing of the wood or machine sanding with a coarse grade sandpaper.
  • Fine sandpaper: Revise with a sander or hand sand edges or splinters if any.
  • If it is to be varnished, apply a wood sealer first. The pores are clogged and also the wood does not absorb so much varnish. Idem if it is going to be lacquered
  • If you are going to paint with synthetic paint, a white sealer and primer is convenient to give you a better finish and take better advantage of the paint.
  • If it is to be impregnated, after the fungicidal treatment, use the impregnator with or without color. The impregnator is absorbed by the wood and has no surface layer. It is used for a rustic finish, which in turn protects the wood.

Decoration with Pallets


Previously Used Pallet

  • Avoid pallets with red or orange marks. those have been used to transport dangerous substances.
  • Apply a fungicide-bactericide. Normally well-loaded product brush is used. Let dry at least 24 hours or as indicated by the purchased product. This eliminates fungi and bacteria impregnated in the pallet. This step is essential and essential.
  • Inspect the pallet for chips, nails or protruding metal elements. Those are the ones that break the tools, apart from being dangerous. Remove them, either removing them or burying them in the same wood with a hammer.
  • Remove dust if any
  • Follow the same treatment as described for a new pallet.


Garden and Outdoor Pallets


Original Ideas of Decoration with Pallets: Planters

Decoration with Pallets

Other Decorating Ideas with Pallets

Decoration with Pallets

Decoration with Pallets

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